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Drainage and plumbing services, covering Central Scotland

At Drainclear 24/7 we aim to provide a wide range of drainage services at a reasonable cost with a professional, friendly and helpful customer service attitude.

With over 20 years experience in drainage and plumbing and equipped with the latest technology, our fully trained and insured staff can meet all your drainage requirements.

We cover all areas in Central Scotland including Falkirk, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh and offer a rapid response 24 hour emergency call out service 7 days a week.

We are on call so that any emergency can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

All our vans are fully equipped with high pressure water jetters, housed in the rear of the vehicle; they also carry rods and mechanical cleaners.

The most effective way to rid the pipe of these deposits is high pressure water jetting. Strong jets of water remove the deposits from the pipe wall. The deposits are flushed out of the pipe and the drain is returned to a free flowing condition.

Most people do not give a thought to their drainage, until they start to suffer problems. At some point all drains need to be cleaned. Over a period of time deposits such as fat, grease, silt and scale build up on the pipe wall, reducing the hydraulic efficiency of the drain.

Routine maintenance can be arranged to ensure that systems are clean and in full working order to prevent any unwanted surprises.

It doesn't end there. Using a hand held lance we can remove graffiti / clean floors / monoblock / driveways and clean the inside of tanks. The versatility of high pressure water jetting is endless.


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